Robotic Mowers

We offer a huge range of robotic mowers at competitive prices, so if you are looking to modernise your gardening equipment, let your search end here! Our experts can help you find the right model for your lawn, and as part of our services, we can visit your property to set up the mower’s perimeter. With their modern, innovative design and simple operation, you’ll never go back to manual mowing again.

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Robot Lawn Mowers

Our robot lawn mowers are suitable for small grassy areas, such as front gardens, and they provide quick and accurate mowing at the press of a button! There are a number of benefits to enjoy when you purchase one of these models, particularly that once set up, they will work completely independently. You can sit back and relax while it does all the hard work for you.

As well as this, all of our models have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the latest health and safety standards. They also work in the rain, and are easy to maintain and keep clean. For more information on our range, speak to one of our experts today.

We Can Set Up Your Perimeter Wire

We can set up your new robotic mower and our services will include installing your perimeter wire. Our team can efficiently fit your wire to ensure your mower reaches every possible of your garden, ensuring that it never misses corners or narrow spaces! No matter the layout of your garden, we can install an easy-to-follow perimeter for your mower – guaranteeing you get an accurate and even cut.

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